Winter in Wonderland Guest Authors

Michael Tierney – Nothing in Michael Tierney’s past could predict that he would start writing Steampunk/alternate history novels. Except that growing up near Boston, he developed an abiding interest in history.  And those degrees in chemistry he earned, as well as his fascination with the history of science. Not to mention his love of Victoriana, its architecture, design, and culture.  Oh, yes, and his rampant Anglophilia.  Plus, he’s always enjoyed writing, even though most of his work to date had been non-fiction and technical in nature.

On second thought, maybe it was inevitable.

Twitter @airshipflamel 


AJ is an author of grim and gritty stories, filled with underdogs and underlings doing their best to win the day, and not get killed in the process. He’s also an editor, and a woodworket building custom themed dollhouses.

Twitter: @AJSikes_Author
Instagram: @sikes_aaron



BJ Sikes – BJ Sikes writes stories of fantastical history with a touch of heartbreak, from steampunk to solarpunk.

Twitter: @Bjsikesauthor

Who IS BJ Sikes?

   Dover Whitecliff – Dover Whitecliff is an analyst, an artist, an editor, and a jack-of-all-trades, but mostly a writer who has loved making up stories and drawing hedgehogs since forever. She pens the art and poetry in the Haiku Hedgehogs series, the short stories in the four-fisted, pulp action Dorado and Dark Claw Adventures, and the short stories in the Heroes in Shorts series. She-Wolf in Shorts is the first volume. Dover was born in the shadow of Fujiyama, raised in the shadow of Olomana, and lives where she can see the shadow of Mt. Shasta if she squints and it’s a really clear day.

Twitter @DoverWhitecliff



Shelli Frew is a circus performer and bookworm originally from Virginia. She now lives in San Francisco with 12 roommates in a big, old, possibly haunted house. She’s traveled to over a dozen countries and plans to add many more in the coming years. Before becoming a contortionist, she worked as a bookseller. Her writing has been greatly influenced by her strange life. Time Sailors is her first novel.