HDS Con Vendor FAQ

Vendor FAQ’s Answered!

Q:  What are all of those weird rectangle things on the map?

A:  The map is full of them!  They are mirrored pillars, which are a mixed blessing.  This means everyone will have access to lots of mirrors, but it also means that there is a lot of interrupted space.  This is why many of the booth space areas are “approximate.” The other great thing about the pillars is that there are power outlets on every side of every pillar, so we can once again provide power for everyone!

Q:  Are tables and chairs provided in my booth?

A:  No.  Please provide your own furnishings or opt to rent from us.  We can rent tables, chairs, displays, and all kinds of things for a fee.  If you want to rent furnishings other than tables and chairs, please visit www.CamelotPartyRentals.com and see what they have to offer.  You must add delivery and 10% set up to the fee for us to take care of things for you.

Q:  Can I put up a tent inside the venue?

A:  Unfortunately, fire codes prevent us from putting up tents inside our space this year.  If you have a ten by ten space, you may request in advance for a space that can use your tent frame for displays, as we will need to plan around our pillars.

Q:  Can I put up a large sign in the venue?

A:  Please let us know upon applying about your signage needs so we can accommodate.  The answer is likely yes as long as it remains in your designated space.

Q:  What is a Premium Space?  

A:  Premium Spaces are 12 by 12 with four open sides and a mirrored pillar in the center.

Q:  Will there be security?

A:  Yes.  During the day and night, the venue has a full security staff.  As with any event, we still recommend taking valuables and money with you and using common sense.  You may stay set up through the whole event.

Q:  When can we set up?

A  Set up starts Friday morning at 8 am.  The event opens Friday at 1 pm.  Reduced rate rooms are available Thursday night if you are travelling from out of town.

Q:  I can’t book my discount hotel room online!

A:  No, the Nugget does require you to call in person and use our coupon code, GHDS.  The number is 775-356-3300.

Q:  I want to vend.  How much does that cost?  

A:  $75 for an approximately 6 by 6 space.  $150 for an approximately 10 by 10 space.  $300 for a Premium 12 by 12 space with a mirrored column in the center and four open sides.  With exception of the Premium Space, measurements are approximate due to irregularities in the site.

Q:  Can I share a booth?

A:  Ten by ten spaces can be shared.  Please do not share with more than one business.  Six by six spaces are so small and inexpensive that we ask you to keep it to one business per space.  Likewise, we would like to keep our limited number of Premium Spaces for businesses that want to feature a whole business front all of the way around.  But we could sell you four of the six by six spots around a pillar to split (it’s the same price silly!).

Q:  Can I buy more than one space?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Will I have power?

A:  Yes.  Everyone will have access to power.  If you have something with a large power draw, please let us know on your application so we don’t place you right next to someone else with a large draw.

Q:  I want to show art but not vend a whole booth.  Can I do that?  

A:  Yes.  Once again, we are accommodating artists in our Art Gallery.  If  you would like to show art without selling, space is free; however, we will be vetting art to ensure that it is Steampunk, appropriate, and appealing.  If you would like to sell art in a gallery space, they are available at $4 per square foot, both vertical and horizontal (hanging and tabletop).  Please supply the exact amount of space needed with your application so we can ensure we have the correct number or tables and panels for artists.  “Craft” style items will not be accepted in the gallery, and I know this can be a difficult determination, but our panel will make the call when necessary.