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HDS General Announcements / News

2016 Steampunk Art Contest


To celebrate 6 years of steamy fun, High Desert Steam is holding a Steampunk Art Contest!

The image of the winning artwork will adorn the High Desert Steam 2016 T-shirt and will be displayed at all HDS major events.


  • 2 t-shirts with your art printed on the front
  • 2 tickets to High Desert SteamCon
  • 2 tickets to the Victorian Steampunk Ball
  • Bragging rights!

DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 1, 2015, 11:45pm


High Desert Steam Non-Profit Status

Hello again Ladies and Laddies! Part of our exciting new year as High Desert Steam is filing for Non-Profit Status. This means big changes to our internal structure, and we want to invite everyone to be involved.

In order to file for a Non-Profit, one must have a membership. We took this as a challenge to do more amazing things with HDS. Bigger Expos. Amazing Ball headliners. Special secret, ongoing surprises for our members! Won’t you join us in our adventure?

Let me give you a quick outline of our Membership Levels, then you can decide for yourself which level works for you.

Supporter Member (Donations): Don’t want to get involved in the shenanigans, but you do want to donate to the cause? Well this is the level for you. Every penny counts.

  • Name on our Website
  • Mention in Program

Associate Member – $25 per year: Like to know what is going on, but don’t want to get too involved in the politics? This might just be your ticket… and speaking of tickets:

  • All Supporter Benefits
  • Subscription to Newsletter
  • Associate Level Early Bird Ticketing

Sustaining Member – $50 per year: You are a super member! Involved, educated, and you get all the perks! So many perks we can’t even list them because we don’t even know what they all are yet!

  • All Associate Benefits Plus Sustaining Level Early Bird Ticketing
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Right to Vote in Officer Elections
  • Right to Serve as an Officer
  • Official HDS Badge
  • Free Entrance to the 2015 Expo
  • Special Super-Secret Perks at all HDS Events*

Family Membership – Up to $85 per year: Oh geez, all this money, and you have thirteen kids and a wife and they all want to join too? We have you covered. One additional adult and any minor minions living at the same address as a Sustaining Member can be added for just $15 for the Adult and $10 per wee one. The Adult is extended privileges of a Sustaining Member and the kiddos, well they are kids. They can’t vote anywhere, can they? But you can bring them along to the Expo and buy Early Bird Ball tickets for them. A maximum of $85 per household is due with a limit of two adult memberships.

*Note: Special Super-Secret Perks may not all have monetary value, but they will have mustache twirling, secret knocking, special decoder ring style fun.

Join now! Perks are already starting to play peekaboo with Beta Members.