Behind the scenes hands- Contacts


I want to extend special thanks to those who are working hard behind the scenes and give you some contact information in case you need to reach out to them. All of these addresses have been reactivated and belong to the proper individuals. These are now a better way to reach out than the HDS facebook message becasue it doesn’t always alert when we get a message, so prompt response isn’t a guarantee.

Chair – Shelly Jackson
Vice Chair / Interim Treasurer – Cindy Joy
Secretary – Dominique Nelson
Expo Chair – Shelly Jackson
Ball Chair – Mary Crawley
Web Mistress – Ilene Emmons
Volunteer Coordinator – Stevi Goletto
Interim Vendor Coordinator – Shelly Jackson
Interim Newsletter Editor – Shelly


A special thank you to Shelly Jackson, without all your handwork, none of this would be coming together!