Steampunk Ball Ambiance Rooms

Ambiance Rooms are on the Second Floor of the Silver Queen. All Ambiance Rooms are on the Second floor (first floor of rooms, street level with Piper’s, above the Saloon).  Not all rooms on the Second Floor are Ambiance Rooms.  Please respect our guests’ privacy and only attempt to enter rooms with an open door.  All Ambiance Rooms will have their hours of operation posted on the wall outside their door. A sampling of the rooms available for your interaction pleasures are:

  • The Prohibition Room / Will Call – Room 7– think Bath Tub Gin and Homemade Bitters – also the home of Will Call. Your Hosts are Shelly (Chair of High Desert Steam and Mistress of the Silver Queen) and David Jackson. Will Call is available Friday Evening and Saturday until 7:00 pm. If you do not make it to Will Call before 7:00 pm, you can check in at the Ticket Booth in the Opera House starting at 7:45 pm
  • The Gaming Parlor – Room 8 – hosted by one of our younger members, Isa Jackson will be providing a place for kids to go and play a game or two with each other.  Not a babysitting service.  Isa may be mature, but she is only 9,
  • The Mad Hatter Tea Party – Room 2 – Nichole and her daughter will  provide a place to go do a little primping, make a doodad, have a cuppa tea, have a roaring good time,
  • Halloween Room – Room 3 – – kick back with Willie Puchert, one of our founding members, and talk about the thrilling light displays,
  • The First Tea Company’s Totally Foreign Legion Tea Dueling – Room 11
    FirstTeaCompanyWelcoming all comers:
    6-8pm Friday, 2-6pm
    Saturday. Special Service to HDS Sustaining Members only: 5-6pm Friday, 6-7pm Saturday

Have a disagreement?  Want to test your mad dueling skillz? Stop by the room of Mary Crawley, another founding member, and she and her companions will demonstrate the art of tea dueling and coach you through your tea duel.
Show your SUSTAINING membership card and join us for tea and NON REGULATION bikkies made specially for the FTCTFLT by EDIBLE ALCHEMY!! A new flavor not available at the ball!! (Sustaining Membership has it’s privileges, yes?)

  • Events of Future Past / High Desert Steam Con – Room 10 – Want to know what is up for next year? Wondering if you want to enter the next Art Contest? Stop by the room of Barbara and James Wiley, Co-Chairs of the upcoming High Desert Steam Con to get the news first,
  • Spirits, Psychics and Magick – Room 14– Scott and Misty insist that every Steampunk Event needs a little Magick. Want to have a tarot reading done?  Think you spotted a ghost? Want the services of a medium?  Stop by the Magick Parlor for all kinds of fun and edification,
  • Steampunk Boutique – Room 12  – Forgot your hat? Need a new accessory or three?  Stop by the room at the end of the hall and say “Hi!” to Noelle (I think I’ve mentioned her before).
  • Marshal’s Field Office – Room 13