High Desert Steam is a Reno based, Northern Nevada Steampunk group. Whether you’re a life-styler or a hobbiest, a cos-player or just curious, you’re welcome! We’re interested in a past that never was and a future that may have been – the sci fi and phantasmagorical in the age of steam.

High Desert Steam was organized to further the understanding of Steampunk and as a venue for Northern Nevada (and it’s environs) to discuss all aspects of Steampunk including promotion of Steampunk events by any and all who hold them. High Desert Steam does not discriminate – merely requests that all who post and attend have one goal in mind – furtherance and joy in this genre called STEAMPUNK!!!

Eventbrite Tickets for August 3 for A Midsummer Night’s Steam with Sierra Nevada Ballet

Tickets for August 5 for Pioneer Center Performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Sierra Nevada Ballet

Tickets for August 11 for Carson City Community Center Performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Sierra Nevada Ballet

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A Midsummer Nights Steam – Sierra Nevada Ballet

  Join the Sierra Nevada Ballet and High Desert Steam as we take a closer look at the making of the SNB’s Steampunk A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Meet the cast, costume and set designers, and the brilliant minds behind this unique and titillating production! We will give you a close up look at the costuming…

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Eventbrite Tickets for Yule Steam 2018 are here!

Select link below to purchase 2018 High Desert Steam, Yule Steam tickets! Eventbrite Tickets Yule Steam 2018

Behind the scenes hands- Contacts

  I want to extend special thanks to those who are working hard behind the scenes and give you some contact information in case you need to reach out to them. All of these addresses have been reactivated and belong to the proper individuals. These are now a better way to reach out than the…

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2018 Yule Steam Expo

2018 YULE STEAM EXPO & BALL   Join us for our 2018 Yule Steam Expo in Reno, Nevada this November. It will be a two day one evening event.  Be on the look out for upcoming information. Join our Patreon page-  HDS Patreon for sneak peaks, or follow us on Facebook- HDS Facebook . Exciting things are…

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A steamin’ hot thank you our sponsors!

High Desert Steam would like to thank all of our current sponsors: High Desert Botanicals Tanners Marketplace Twisted Wolf Leather Works Wilbur D. May Museum Without you our events are not possible. You help with decorating, catering, flyers, dance floors ect. If you are interested in being a sponsor or lending your amazing creative talents…

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